Which Anti-aging Creams Are Effective?

The aging process is not easy. Seeing your once beautiful and tight face crumble and sag can be very depressing and therefore it is no wonder many women will do everything to prolong the signs of aging on our skin. Anti-aging creams are usually our first resort to stop the aging-process of the skin. But how effective are they?

According to research and trials many creams appear not to be effective

Often there was only a mild improvement of 10% or less which is barely visible. Although this is discouraging the research also showed that it has not prevented us from buying anti-aging creams. So beauty companies are still putting in a lot of research and development in order to create the best and most effective anti-aging creams possible.

But have some ingredients not proven to be effective?

Certainly. Essential ingredients like AHA products, some hormones, vitamins A, C and E have all proven to help the anti-aging process of the skin. Still trials with creams containing these ingredients have been a bit of a disappointment.

Part of the reason for this is that low doses of effective ingredients are used in most creams in order to avoid allergic reactions. Another reason is that wrinkles are essentially scar tissue which is difficult to remove once it is formed. So early treatment is required. However, high strength anti-aging creams can help with the reduced appearance of the wrinkles.

High strength creams are more aggressive anti-wrinkle creams that basically contain more of the essential ingredients to have any real anti-aging effects on the skin. The reason why they are not used more often, is that these creams also tend to have more side effects with some people. This is why main stream products tend to be milder so as to avoid claims from people who have allergic reactions to them.

More effective anti-aging creams are products from companies such as Elite Serum but they tend not to be as widely available as other brands, although they are available online. They are usually used by cosmetic clinics, with qualified therapists being able to prescribe the right cream for your skin and monitor any possible side effects.

Your skin specialist can properly asses the skin and also monitor for any irritation caused by the cream. She can then adjust or prescribe a less aggressive cream. Having a cream that actually delivers results, together with the monitoring of a professional can really help the anti-aging process of your skin.

If you would like to try out these effective anti-creams yourself you can also buy them conveniently and cheaply online in our anti-aging cream shop. For more anti-aging reviews and advice visit the general anti-aging website.