Elite Serum Rx in Canada

elite-serum-canadaFor individuals in Canada who suffer from eye problems such as heavy bags under the eyes, sagging skin, dry and dull skin, puffiness, fine lines, deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and dark circles around the eyes, Elite Serum Rx is a fantastic product to try.

One of the advantages of this amazing eye cream is that it comes with scientific back up and has shown up amazing and long lasting results on a variety of different men and women all over Canada. The Elite Serum Rx contains a remarkable ingredient known as Argireline which is known as an Acetyl Hexapeptide-8. In addition, the cream contains various other peptides regarded as potent that makes the eye cream stand out from its closest competition.



This fantastic ingredient has been regarded as the ‘needle free’ alternative and option to Botox. Argireline has an effect in absorbing into the deep layers of the skin and promotes relaxation to the muscles around the eyes which cause ‘expression lines’. The product recently features in one of Dr. Oz shows and was rated as a highly sought after and useful eye cream.

better-than-botoxClinical Ingredients in Elite Serum Rx Canada:

  • SYN-TC is an ingredient which promotes collagen production
  • SNAP-8, this ingredient has an effect on reducing muscle contractions, which results in preventing the formation on further fine lines and wrinkles
  • Haloxyl is a key peptide which is able to diminish puffiness and dark rings under the eyes
  • Eyeliss another effective ingredient known for its qualities in reducing saggy skin and puffiness around the eyes
  • Matrixyl-3000, is an ingredient that acts in reducing expression wrinkles as well as improving the elasticity and overall tone of the area around the eyes
  • Inyline an ingredient that works on smoothing out the muscles around the eyes for an improvement in surface skin and contours

Elite Serum Rx is extremely powerful with the combination of these fantastic ingredients as well as a large dose of hyaluronic acid, effective in maintaining the moisture barrier in the skin. The seaweed extract prevents collagen from breaking down in the skin around the eyes.

This eye cream features in a 0.47Oz syringe, which is able to produce the exact amount needed for each application to achieve maximum benefits and results. Elite Serum Rx is available from a number of suppliers in Canada and there are even a number of websites offering amazing discounts on this fantastic product.